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Finnish Clubhouse Coalition
Finnish Fountain House Clubhouse Coalition is consisted of 23 clubhouses,
which are committed to follow 37 standards updated by Clubhouse International.

Our main values are:
• Voluntariness, equality and free membership
• Everyone over 18 years old man or a woman, who has been in a psychiatric care might join us.

Finnish clubhouses have a total of 3,000 rehabilitant members. 23 clubhouses participate in Finnish Clubhouse Coalition, founded for supporting the activities of Finnish clubhouses. The Coalition’s mission is to increase awareness of the empowering clubhouse rehabilitation model and to improve the social position of those recovering from a mental illness. To achieve this, the Coalition:
• Interacts with clubhouses operating in Finland and abroad
• Provides consulting support for quality assurance in new clubhouses
• Distributes information on clubhouse rehabilitation and its effectiveness to society’s decision-makers
• Collaborates with other parties performing mental health work
• Conducts research and development pertaining to the Fountain House clubhouse model
• Works in cooperation with clubhouse networks in other countries and with the CI  (Clubhouse International)

What is a Clubhouse?
A clubhouse is a membership-based community formed by people recovering from mental illnesses and by hired staff. Clubhouses are founded on the realization that recovery from serious mental illness must involve the whole person in a vital and culturally sensitive community. A clubhouse community offers respect, hope, mutuality and unlimited opportunity to access the same worlds of friendship, housing, education and employment as the rest of society.

Contact information
Finnish Clubhouse Coalition Mikko Heino (president) email: